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Health & Wellness have been a part of my life since early childhood. I recognized early on that in order to stay healthy and fit I needed to move more and participate in group activities. I played baseball, football, cross-country, swimming and even badminton. I quickly realized that moving more wasn't enough and I needed to also eat healthier. I gave up dairy at a young age and quickly thereafter animal products. Then I realized that in order to look lean and sculpted I also had to lift weights and exercise. Quickly thereafter, began my lifelong journey with fitness.

In 2003, I joined a gym and hired a Coach. After a few years of training, I realized I needed a career change. I was inspired to motivate others to find the success I had found. I went back to school, studied and became certified as a PT Coach.

In 2009, I joined Equinox Fitness as a Coach and within 6 months became the Fitness Manager at the West Hollywood, CA location. The following year I transferred to the Manhattan Beach location to further develop my career. Coming full circle, in 2015 I returned to Equinox West Hollywood and as the Personal Training Manager leading a staff of 73 Coaches.

In September 2021, I separated from Equinox. With the support of my partner Cody, and our 2 business partners, Kalpana and Robert we introduced the world to a new brand in Fitness, OPVS.

Our goal is to provide a space of support and understanding to all those who have struggled to maximize their health and wellness. To provide an opportunity where the member can take full advantage of our staff's professional acumen and make strides in achieving their goals.